Security posterity is an issue that all organizations must address. At one time or another, your firm will be faced with a security risk or cyber threats that could immobilize your network if not addressed and remediated. BPI Information Systems can address these concerns and provide your Cleveland or Northeast Ohio-based company with a full suite of consulting services, cyber security services, threat intelligence, and managed security services that will allow your organization to build a layered security framework. 

Advanced threat protection prevents malware, ransomware, and other threats from compromising your business. Archiving provides complete searchable records. Encryption ensures compliance and protects sensitive information.

Advanced protection starts with advanced detection. Managed security and machine learning analytics predict emergent threats and automate protection.

Protection against malware and viruses infiltrating via devices connected to your network.

Protect local logins, on premise and cloud based applications with a second login credential.

Engaging BPI Information Systems Network Security Assessment Service (SAS) enables your company to focus on core business issues instead of running vulnerability searches. Internal and external scans can identify misconfigured and unconfigured software, as well as bugs, back doors, and obsolete product versions. 

24/7 event logging delivers high level threat protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

Application whitelisting and fencing protect you, your customers, and your data from exploited files and applications by reducing attack surface area. Only explicitly approved programs, installers, and applications are allowed to run on your network. 

The members of your organization are the first line of defense. Training arms them with the tools they need to help avoid phishing, malware, and social engineering attacks.

Poor password hygiene is one of the biggest risks that all organizations face. BPI’s password management solution will allow your organization to spend less time worrying about passwords while augmenting security.

The 5-Point

  • Layered Approach

    Multiple offerings allow you to choose a security strategy that aligns with your organization

  • Get Compliant

    Whether it is DFARS, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, or NIST we can help you get there

  • Proactive Defense

    The best offense is a good defense – we help you anticipate threats so that you are prepared

  • Incident Response Support

    Assume an attack is inevitable, we can help you

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Up-to-date response to the latest threats

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