Managed Backup Service Provider & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Organizations of all sizes must protect their valuable business systems and mission critical data around the clock with full-featured managed backup solutions. BPI Information Systems Backup Service (MBS) offers a managed backup solution to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio-based companies that simplifies, accelerates, and automates both local and remote backup, recovery, and complete restoration. Our data recovery solution bridges the gap between local backup/restore and remote disaster recovery. This innovative service provides affordable distributed data recovery that can grow with your organization.

All systems are subjected daily to internal and external threats that can disrupt and potentially take down your infrastructure and lead to data loss. Current laws and compliance standards require companies to back up and protect their data securely. Recent lawsuits have shown the importance of keeping accurate storage of emails and company records while having the ability to retrieve this data. A strong security posture coupled with a disaster recovery plan and viable managed backups is essential for maintaining business continuity.

Ensuring the integrity of data backups and business continuance is the goal of our BPI Managed Backup Service (MBS). MBS is designed for data backup and recovery of data from several different operating systems utilizing an on-premise appliance and a cloud storage data protection vault. Continuity is ensured through day-to-day management, monitoring, active test restores, support services, and upgrades.

The 5-Point

  • Reduced Downtime

    Built-in, always-on features ensure business continuity

  • Scalable

    BPI’s MBS solution grows effortlessly as you expand your business

  • Comprehensive

    Ensure long-term compliance without backup data bloat and storage overages

  • Secure

    Air-Gap technology separates backup requests from backup mechanics to eliminate the risk of malicious or accidental deletion

  • Peace of Mind

    BMS is an all-inclusive backup and disaster recovery solution managed by BPI

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