A well-thought-out infrastructure can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization. Your organization is designed to run 24/7, and any downtime has a measurable impact on your bottom line. At BPI Information Systems, our Cleveland, Ohio-based engineering team has the expertise and skillset to identify your firm’s unique infrastructure equipment demands and configurations. Our engineering services provide you with system designs that are specially tailored to your needs and matched with managed services and support, which will allow your team to stay productive and focus on doing what you do best – your business. 

Planning for an unexpected event can be challenging. When a business is presented with addressing an unknown disaster facing their organization, it is essential that several key components are recognized. BPI Information Systems’ IT infrastructure engineer team can guide you in this process and address key vulnerabilities within your network and IT infrastructure.

A certified health check performed by an engineer on an ongoing basis to monitor your system and verify that all equipment is working to its full capacity. This proactive approach allows you and BPI to check and address any problems or concerns long before they become harmful to your Network. Backups, LAN traffic, Server Uptime, and Patch Levels are among the items reviewed during the checkup. 

A firewall often serves as the first line of defense for an organization. Do you know if yours is configured to preserve your network security? Our infrastructure engineer team can help.

Virtualization technologies can provide significant information technology cost savings and can enhance the way your business data center is managed, administered, and operated. These innovative solutions offer features for disaster recovery, workload balancing, scalability, and overall enhanced capabilities. BPI’s infrastructure engineers can advise on the most up-to-date solutions that will work best with your environment for server, storage, and networking virtualization.

The 5-Point

  • No More Bottlenecks

    Identify efficiency issues before they become widespread problems

  • Futureproof

    Design evergreen environments that cost less to maintain and maximize performance

  • Operationally Leveraged

    Implement computing and storage solutions that put your team ahead of the competition

  • Protected Architecture

    Regain access and functionality abruptly after a business disruption occurs

  • Diagnostics

    Ongoing health checks produce a continuum of service

Are You Ready To Implement the Future of IT?